1. "A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH" by Isaac Anthony

    "God damn it," said Commander Sorlac as he oculus-vidded the recently
    discovered planar galaxy through the flat-expander porthole window of
    his Geergas Industries Mercutio 5000 spaceship. “The god damn
    Zenoborgians are callipating again.” He removed a pixin craft
    protector from his front vestacule pouch and connoded it in the air
    in a circular fashion until peerona was achieved. The googular mist
    wafted through the ship’s chambers like a Blooganie sunset viewed
    through the lenticular filter of a recently deceased Palino’s eye.

    It was only a matter of time now. “Or a matter of pooronakotty,”
    Sorlac quipped, grimlacking to himself. If only Ismeldora was here to
    pew him now, with a soronakian vacuunie in his hand-unit being
    employed for sub-gorrigan efforts. She’d be doubled over plutacking
    through the corona of a shildo-cancer zentrola faster than even the
    great Kanodie could get framtagaining through his crudalanny
    scepticles while they were fulmagating! Beroni margoolis Sorlac
    pollugeded the cormogani until it scordallia conieragona soded poley
    concherasta with his peradocaster. He goarded ganalli and hoped for
    the best. “Well, if it doesn’t work out,” Sorlac mencadded, “I’ve
    still got my butthole.”

  2. robotriley:


    Written by Riley Soloner

    Shot by David Bluvband.

    Edited by Riley Soloner.


  4. jimrugg:

    ball point pen on 8 1/2 x 11 bond paper

    these are so so good

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  6. ungoliantschilde:

    some of John Romita, Jr.'s more recent artwork, all in black and white.

  7. i made a dumb gross comic today

  8. puketrick:

    From Butler Comic #1, September 2013. 


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  10. this is a very dense gif

    there is a lot to take away from it